Deploying DOE to Verify and Validate Process Performance

November 5, 2020 from 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm

Speaker: Shari Kraber and Mark Anderson

Learn how quality professionals use design of experiments (DOE) to verify and validate their processes. Discover the power that DOE provides to confirm optimal operating conditions, especially when used as the final stage of a robust testing plan. Learn how DOE models create the foundation for robust manufacturing processes that produce products meeting or exceeding customer expectations.

Presentation Level: Basic level for engineers, managers and technical professionals

Shari Kraber Shari is a consultant with Stat-Ease, with over 20 years of experience teaching engineers and technical professionals how to design and implement design of experiments. Shari draws on her process engineering experiences at 3M and Frigidaire where she implemented statistical quality tools such as statistical process control and DOE. As the Stat-Ease Workshop Manager, she now devotes her considerable energy, experience and leadership skills to workshops on DOE, teaching others how to make breakthroughs. Shari is also the Marketing Manager for the International Statistical Engineering Association, a non-profit organization focused on teaching people how to solve complex problems (

Shari graduated with a BS in Industrial Engineering from Iowa State University, and a Master of Science in Applied Statistics from Rochester Institute of Technology. She holds her professional engineering license in the state of MN.

Mark Anderson Mark is a principal and general manager of Stat-Ease, Inc. Prior to joining the firm, he spearheaded an award-winning quality improvement program for an international manufacturer, generating millions of dollars in profit. He offers a diverse array of experience in process development, quality assurance, marketing, purchasing, and general management. Mark is also the lead author of three books, DOE
Simplified: Practical Tools for Effective Experimentation, 3rd Edition, RSM Simplified: Optimizing Processes Using Response Surface Methods for Design of Experiments, 2nd Edition, and Formulation Simplified: Finding the Sweet Spot through Design and Analysis of Experiments with Mixtures and has published numerous articles on design of experiments (DOE). He is also a guest lecturer at the University of MN Chemical Engineering & Materials Science department and the Ohio State University Fisher College of Business.

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