The World of Supplier Quality

November 4, 2020 from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Speaker: Yan Golovatyy

In a world of large and complex supplier networks, it is imperative to maintain a professional and effective supplier relationship. From different business units in the same company, to suppliers across the world, managing an effective relationship in which both parties’ quality requirements are satisfied is truly a busy task. In this session, Yan Golovatyy shares three reminders to help effectively maintain a secure supplier relationship that will lead your business into the future with a prepared approach. As we begin to reform our quality agreements, or our approach to the way we do business with suppliers, we first need to know and fully understand their quality system. This saves both you and your supplier from headache later, and allows you to understand the full extent, and limit, of your supplier. In addition, it also helps as you prepare to address unexpected issues such as corrective actions. The next important reminder is to know your supplier’s capability. Understanding capability is essential to maintaining appropriate demand, resources, and much more in your future relationship. Understanding capability also helps with Lastly, always remember to give your suppliers feedback – whether that is positive or negative. Maintaining honest, open, and frequent communication can set the pace for the rest of your business relationship and ensuring that is done properly will only help your company grow. With these three tricks, your business can improve their supplier relationships, and ensure a long-lasting relationship that will leave both parties happy and drive your organization to a quality driven future.

Yan Golovatyy Yan Golovatyy started off his journey in the medical device industry as a manufacturing engineer, where he gained a firm understanding into the industry. From there, he transitioned into his role as a supplier quality engineer with Medtronic, where he serves as a liaison between Medtronic and various suppliers to work through a variety of quality systems. He is also concurrently completing his Master’s in Medical Technology Quality degree where he studies quality for the medical device industry, and gains experience in a variety of quality engineering related fields such as process capability, supplier management, and regulatory regulations. He has always remained passionate about the medical device industry and loves supplier quality as it allows him to practice both technical elements and person to person elements.

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